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The pet cat is not just another animal but rather a member of the family. Its happiness and well being are as important as anybody’s in the house. Cat owners should understand the
needs of the feline companion. This understanding and knowledge will prove to be beneficial health wise. One of the most common afflictions a cat faces is flea infestation. If not
treated, it can be the cause of many complications. Make sure the pet is safeguarded. Now the best pet care products like Advocate for cats are available online.

What you need to know about fleas on cats

The most common flea found on cats is the ‘cat flea’ (Ctenocephalides felis). At times even rabbit or hedgehog fleas appear depending on the location.

Why is it important to keep fleas under control?

Most animals in the wild live with fleas throughout their lives and show little or no infestation. However when domesticating a cat at home calls for some preventive measures. It is
advisable to create an environment that is free from any form of infestation- the most common one amongst pets being fleas.

Flea control is vital even for the humans living with the cat.

– Cat fleas carry with them larvae of the tapeworm Dipylidium caninum. There is a tendency to get infected with these worms as felines spend a lot of time grooming themselves and
are likely to swallow a few of deadly larvae. Fleas act as carriers for other infections too.

– An adult flea will feed on cat blood for its nutrition. If it were to attach itself to a kitten and considering that they are many in number it could cause weakness or even death.

– A flea bite can at times leave a mark which tends to itch. The first response of the cat would be to scratch it because of which it can cause further damage to skin and spread an

– Perhaps a greater reason to be alarmed is the fact that cat fleas will also attach themselves to humans if given the chance and can cause several itchy bites.

How to tell if a cat has fleas

Pet cats enjoy neatnes. But in the process tend to lick potential harmful fleas. In order to detect the presence of cat fleas you will need a fine toothed flea comb to groom the cat’s coat
meticulously. If the cat is itchy or if you notice insect bites around human ankles, chances of a flea infestation are high. This calls for immediately flea control measures.

Flea treatment available for cats

There are a variety of flea treatment options available online. The Advocate for cat care products will take care of flea infestation. These products are combination products which also tackle other issues like heartworm, hookworm, roundworm, whipworm and ear mites in cats. This is a branded Australian registered product that has a favorable recommendation from qualified vets all over the country. It is safe and easy to use. The product needs to be applied just once a month on the skin at the back of the cat’s neck. This will prevent it from licking the medicine during its grooming sessions. Its quick and effective results will keep the cat healthy and happy.

Advocate cat flea products vary according to the size of the cat. Be sure to look up the website for further information before making a selection. Authentic dispensing of this vital
product is important. There is no prescription required, but then the advice of the doctor is always useful. A diagnosis once in a while can assure the pet owner about the medical history of the animal.

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